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Find out what anime bad boy you are.

You're most like the eternally lost boy. Well, let's hope you don't do much too far away from the house. You're a nice, loyal guy, but you could find your way out of a paper bag. You have high respect for women, especially one in particular, and you can...turn into a pig?

Find out what anime girl you are.

Lain. Weirdo! Do you have delusions? You are quiet, but it's an eerie quiet. I don't trust you.

Find out what anime character cliche you are.

Awwww! Who can resist a cute anime girl? No-one, not even women! You're adorable, innocent, and sweet. You are constantly trying to help others, and you tend to be fairly shy. Stay happy and you'll be fine.

What fuzzy creature are you?

You are too lazy and carefree to know what is going on... toys are so much fun, aren't they?

What's Your Anime Power?

Gender Bending-Water fearer. So, you're a power right out of Ranma 1/2. You're like the color changing hotwheel of anime powers. Cold water turns you into a girl and warm water a boy...or is it the other way around.....anyway..you enjoy making other people feel uncomfortable don't you?

What Anime Bad Girl Are You?

Lain is very odd, and at times it's hard to tell if you can trust her or not. She has a very curious interestin all things electronic and her explorations have lead her to be known as a goddess of the internet. She's very tech-savy...but...there are big chunks of the day she can't seem to remember.

What Video Game Hero Are You?
You're like Chun LI from the Street Fighter series.

What Shoujo Cutie Are You?

Take the Cartoon Hero Quiz?

What Goth Are You?

I took Suta-Raito's Pokemon Quiz and I'm a Skitty!


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